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The Can

This 250ml sleek can is an energy drink based on natural ingredients, especially made for passion. KIZZ ME has been developed and tested for nearly 3 years in collaboration with nutrition experts. Natural extracts form the basis of its coulour and all its ingredients, from caffeine to shizandra.

KIZZ ME stands for simplicity, accessibility and universality and is an extremely refreshing and passionate life drink with the taste of elderberry and shizandra: the fruits of love and passion. It is drunk in all day and night situations: work, extreme sports, frivolous trips, clubbing, during a passionate date, … It highlights tenderness, passion, universality and accessibility to all persons: target group people who like to seduce or being seduced, age 18-70 years.

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The Company

The KIZZ ME offices are situated in Deerlijk in Belgium (near to the French border), where the brand management and production are accommodated. KIZZ ME is a life drink for Europe and the entire world, with a base of shizandra, known in the East as the berry who stimulates passion. They name it: a sexual tonic.

Distribution is also managed from within these offices, through an important network of importers and distributors who adapt the marketing and product positioning strategies, as well as the direct marketing strategies in function of the target groups and the specific cultural constraints of each of the countries, territories, races or religions. Studies have been carried out in order to establish optimal implantation strategies and to develop a communication that is in line with the local demands.

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